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Works as advertised, fun variation on the word scramble game, & free to boot!


I love word jumbles and this game takes it to a whole new universe!!!


I bought this game for my wife and found I couldnt put it down. Its worth the price.

Great Game!

Very enjoyable and exciting. APPLE: please rethink the review process. Require purchase/download prior to allowing any reviews. All of the childish posts skew the actual ratings. This doesnt need to be an open forum for idiots with nothing better to do. Thank you.


Great spin on a word game. Although it is free it is worth purchasing. Quality app.

Simple, fun

This is a simple word game but no less fun for its simplicity. Well worth a download.


Fabulous game. Only problem - need to be able to see high scores from main page or while playing. Also some words in the genius level arent in the American Heritage dictionary and others seem to be misspelled. The space facts repeat themselves too quick. A great start!

Need to be fixed

Great game, but you create a word that is not the correct word and you still get credit for it. For instance, I was supposed to write "SEEKER" and I reseek. It took it as the correct word.

No stars!

Anyone who gave this a good review could be entertained looking at a wall. There is no 3D graphics. The guys who made this are liars, no wonder theres no screenshot. I want my money back.

Great game but crashes sometimes

Would be five stars but sometimes it crashes between levels and you have to restart program to go to next level.

Even better but...

Still cant listen to music during game

They need a graphic designer !!

This games plays GREAT...its way better than you would expect!!! But its also the Uglies thing on my phone,it really looks dated... Can we get some cool graphics please?-/


I got this when it was free, and its a really good game. But I probably wouldnt buy it. (although I only bought 2 of the thirty or forty apps that I have)

Cool word game

I like the word game it is very nice.

great game!

I loved playing this game, but if I used to have it (i downloaded it when it was free) can I still Re-download it... since I already had it before Free???

Great fun

I got this game when it was free, and it has stood the test of time as its the one game I still replay!!

Its well worth $2

But if it were more than $3, Id be a little hesitent. Get it while its cheap.

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